Arts & Special Events Commissions Merge

In September 2019, the Arts and Special Events Commissions merged with the goal of enhancing the outstanding events that the Special Events Commission already produces such as Fall on the Green, Santa on the Green, Fourth of July Parade, and many others. The Commission also hopes this merge will allow the village to provide more support for the arts and locals artists.

Battle of the Bands @ Fall on the Green

When: Fri, Sept 6 @ 6PM
Cost: Free
Where: Under the tent on Raymond Ave, Oak Lawn, IL

Kick off your weekend with Battle of the Bands at Fall on the Green. You’ll hear music from Deleterious (Rock), Evolution of Fools (Alternative/Rock), Myko Baer (R&B), Neptune’s Core (Indie), and Sage (Alternative).

Arts Commission t-shirts will also be available for sale. Proceeds benefit the commission’s annual arts scholarship.

The winning band will play on Fall on the Green’s main stage from 11AM-Noon on Sunday.

Art & Live Music @ The Market

Oak Lawn’s Farmers Markets (Wednesdays through October 16) will have a welcome addition – art and live music – this year.

The Commission will be at most Farmers Markets offering arts and crafts projects. This past week, people had the opportunity to make their own watercolor painting out of bubbles.

Thanks to the Oak Lawn Social Services Corporation, Oak Lawn will also be able to enjoy live music by some of Southwest Chicago’s own musicians from 10:30AM-12:30PM – for the first time ever. Here are the dates:

July 17Katie Quick
August 21 – Joe Starita
September 18Mark Gorka
October 16Mark Gorka

Farmers Markets are located at Dumke Drive at 52nd Avenue.

Katie Quick Collage

Call to Artists – Art in the Yard

This summer, we’re thrilled to bring back Art in the Yard before the Village’s 2019 Summer Concert Series. This outdoor art show gives local artists the opportunity to sell their pieces before the concert. The permit fee is covered by the Arts Commission, which means that anything the artist makes is theirs to keep, and we will also promote your art through our website, eblasts, and social media leading up to the events.

Art in the Yard will take place on:

Sunday, July 21: Five Guys Named Moe | Art in the Yard @ 6PM | Concert @ 7PM

Sunday, August 4: The Dancing Noodles | Art in the Yard @ 6PM | Concert @ 7PM

Both events will be located at 9446 S Raymond Ave (just north of the library).

Requirements to participate:

  • Must be available from 5:45-8:45PM
  • Must bring one table with chairs; no tents allowed
  • Presented work must be family-friendly and original. Work must not be copyrighted or licensed by another artist
  • Electricity will not be available

To be considered, please email Marylu Dukic your contact information (including your website and social media handles!), available dates, and images of your work by Tuesday, July 16. Although all types of art will be considered, space is allocated so a variety of genres and styles can be offered at the event.

OLAC Paintings for website


Battle of the Bands 2019 – Calling All Bands!

Mark your calendars, and calling all amateur bands ages 8-21! The Commission is thrilled to host the third annual Battle of the Bands on September 6, 2019 at 6PM at Fall on the Green. Winners will receive their own studio time, and play on the mainstage at Fall on Green later that weekend. Other prizes are TBD.

To participate, at least half of the members must be 18 or under when they perform. Band members under 18 must complete a parent release signature and contact information with the entry form. All bands must be of amateur status (i.e. no bands should be performances bands (all-star groups), signed by a label, receive regular airplay, or have sales exceeding 5,000 copies of released materials).

Contact us at for more details or to sign up.

If you know any young people who are in bands, please share this with them.

Recruitment Flyer

2019 Arts Commission Scholarship

For the second year, we’re thrilled to award two $500 scholarships to students who plans to study the arts beyond high school.  The awardee(s) must be an Oak Lawn resident and accepted to a post-secondary college, university, or other institution with the intention of pursuing an arts degree.

Winners of the scholarships will be asked to attend an Oak Lawn Arts Commission meeting for the award presentation.

Application Instructions

Deadline to Apply: April 30, 2019
OLACScholarshipAppl to download the application as a Word document.
OLACScholarshipAppl to download the application as a PDF.

  1. Answer the questions appearing on the following pages (On the written responses, you may use another page(s)).
  1. Attach at least two letters of reference. Use the forms attached to this application.
  1. Attach a copy of your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  1. Send your completed application by mail or e-mail below by Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

Oak Lawn Arts Commission Scholarship
c/o Oak Lawn Village Hall
9446 Raymond Ave
Oak Lawn, Il 60453
Ph: 708-636-4400


The two scholarships will be awarded no later than June 4, 2019.

Veterans Create Art at VFW Post 5220

Art Type: Mural
Location: Inside VFW Post 5220 | 9514 S 52nd Ave, Oak Lawn, IL
Author: Linda Vorderer

Visitors to VFW Post 5220 are greeted by a mural that extends over an entire wall giving a voice to all the foreign military engagements* our country has been involved with since the United States’ inception. It is also an ongoing work of art for as long as the U.S. Armed Forces are engaged on foreign soil.

The original image was created by Nicholas (Bill) Hewitt, a 70-year Oak Lawn resident who served in the US Navy during World War II, the South Pacific War, and the Guadalcanal Campaign. Bill started this work by gluing travel posters to the wall. Then, using paint, he added forms and buildings from a skewed perspective. My artist’s eye sees an expression of the chaos of war with an appearance of careful disorganization in these images. The neon-painted words add to the chaotic yet expressive mural while still giving recognition to the foreign conflicts that engaged the US Armed Services. The black-light paint recalls the Vietnam War era style from the 1960s when black-light posters were popular, and the war was reported daily in our news.

As a part of the “Art in Oak Lawn” collection, the style of this mural could be an example of ‘Outsider Art.’ Formerly known as ‘Naïve Art,’ this type of art is made by people who are not schooled in the arts, identify themselves as artists, and do not wish to sell their work. It is often more expressive than art intended as ‘high art,’ and fills an important need to deeply visually express and communicate significant ideas. In this case, the work ensures that US foreign conflicts and the soldiers who fought in them are always remembered. The entire collection tells the story of the long-standing dedication of the brothers and sisters who served in these wars across the globe and over many years.

Other contributors were: Rick Luemenn (US Army, Vietnam War, 1966-67) added some lettering and names of conflicts, and inserted the famous ‘Kilroy’ cartoon from WWII; and, Roy Johnson (US Navy, Vietnam War) who helped with this history.

*The American Revolutionary and Civil Wars are not included since those were not fought on foreign soil.

VFW Mural dark

2019 Annual Snowman Contest

2018 first place winner: Sandie Gray of Oak Lawn.

Don’t just shovel snow… Make it a work of art! The Oak Lawn Arts Commission invites Oak Lawn residents of all ages to make their best snowman (or snowperson) to enter the 2019 Snowman Contest. One winning entry will receive a prize package worth $50.

Official Rules:

  • This contest is open to all Oak Lawn residents.
  • The snowman must be comprised mostly of snow. However, you may use accessories and other artistic media on your creation. This contest is limited to snowpersons. No snow sculptures.
  • Each entrant/family must build their snowman within Oak Lawn.
  • By submitting an entry, contestants give the Oak Lawn Arts Commission permission to use their snowman photos for advertising and promotional purposes.
  • Judging by the Oak Lawn Arts Commission will be based upon originality and creativity.
  • One prize package worth $50 will be awarded. The winner will be notified by phone or email.
  • The deadline to submit an entry is Sunday, March 31, 2019.

How to Enter:

  • Email your Snowman Contest entry to:
  • All entries must include the following:
    – Name(s) of the builder(s)
    – Address of the entrant/family
    – Location of the snowman, if not at home address
    – Phone number or email address
    – Up to two photos, and one must include snowman and builder(s)

Acorns on Parade Selfie Contest

Click here for the Google map of Acorn locations

Click here for a PDF AcornsOnParadeLocationChart

The Children’s Museum in Oak Lawn Acorn, 5100 Museum Drive

September 30 – November 21, 2018

There are 26 Acorns on Parade located throughout Oak Lawn! The Oak Lawn Arts Commission (OLAC) hopes you’ll raise “acorn awareness” by taking a selfie with one or more of the large-scale acorn sculptures painted by local artists. Enter this contest and you might win a prize package of lunch with Mayor Dr. Sandra Bury, an OLAC “Peace Love ‘N Art” t-shirt and your winning photo posted on the Village of Oak Lawn web site and other media outlets. Acorns on Parade is a permanent public art installation initiated by the OLAC, funded by generous sponsors and made possible by talented volunteer artists.

Contest Period:
• Selfies will be accepted Sunday September 30 through Wednesday, November 21, 2018

How to Enter:
• Go to your favorite acorn sculpture within Oak Lawn.
• Take a photo of you and/or your family/friends/pets with an Acorn on Parade sculpture.
• Email your acorn selfie to:
• Entries must include the contestant’s name, home address and phone number.
• Once that’s done, share your selfie on social media: #AcornAwareness

Official Rules:
• Each entry must include one of the 26 Acorns on Parade sculptures.
• At least one person or pet must be included in the photo.
• The term “selfie” is used, but the photo can be taken by someone else.
• You may submit multiple entries, but each must feature a different acorn sculpture.
• Photos should be of good quality and in good taste. Photos containing any objectionable material or inappropriate behavior will be disqualified.
• Judging will be conducted by members of the Oak Lawn Arts Commission.
• One winner will be awarded the first place prize for the most creative acorn selfie.
• First place prize: Lunch with Mayor Dr. Sandra Bury, an OLAC “Peace Love ‘N Art” t-shirt and the winning photo posted on the Village of Oak Lawn web site and other media outlets.
• Upon entering, contestants grant the OLAC worldwide, irrevocable and perpetual license to feature their image on any of its promotional materials in any form and using any technology.

Celebrate the Acorns on Parade this autumn!
Share your acorn selfies on social media: #AcornAwareness