Acorns on Parade Selfie Contest

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The Children’s Museum in Oak Lawn Acorn, 5100 Museum Drive

September 30 – November 21, 2018

There are 26 Acorns on Parade located throughout Oak Lawn! The Oak Lawn Arts Commission (OLAC) hopes you’ll raise “acorn awareness” by taking a selfie with one or more of the large-scale acorn sculptures painted by local artists. Enter this contest and you might win a prize package of lunch with Mayor Dr. Sandra Bury, an OLAC “Peace Love ‘N Art” t-shirt and your winning photo posted on the Village of Oak Lawn web site and other media outlets. Acorns on Parade is a permanent public art installation initiated by the OLAC, funded by generous sponsors and made possible by talented volunteer artists.

Contest Period:
• Selfies will be accepted Sunday September 30 through Wednesday, November 21, 2018

How to Enter:
• Go to your favorite acorn sculpture within Oak Lawn.
• Take a photo of you and/or your family/friends/pets with an Acorn on Parade sculpture.
• Email your acorn selfie to:
• Entries must include the contestant’s name, home address and phone number.
• Once that’s done, share your selfie on social media: #AcornAwareness

Official Rules:
• Each entry must include one of the 26 Acorns on Parade sculptures.
• At least one person or pet must be included in the photo.
• The term “selfie” is used, but the photo can be taken by someone else.
• You may submit multiple entries, but each must feature a different acorn sculpture.
• Photos should be of good quality and in good taste. Photos containing any objectionable material or inappropriate behavior will be disqualified.
• Judging will be conducted by members of the Oak Lawn Arts Commission.
• One winner will be awarded the first place prize for the most creative acorn selfie.
• First place prize: Lunch with Mayor Dr. Sandra Bury, an OLAC “Peace Love ‘N Art” t-shirt and the winning photo posted on the Village of Oak Lawn web site and other media outlets.
• Upon entering, contestants grant the OLAC worldwide, irrevocable and perpetual license to feature their image on any of its promotional materials in any form and using any technology.

Celebrate the Acorns on Parade this autumn!
Share your acorn selfies on social media: #AcornAwareness

Pondering Picasso at Fall Fest


When: September 30, 2018 – 10AM-3PM
Where: Children’s Museum in Oak Lawn
(5100 Museum Drive, Oak Lawn, IL 60453)
Cost: FREE

The Arts Commission is thrilled to give Oak Lawnians and families from around the Chicagoland area the chance to learn about Pablo Picasso – one of the most influential artists of the 20th century – at Fall Fun Fest hosted by the Children’s Museum in Oak Lawn. You’ll create your own Picasso-inspired art while learning about his style called Cubism, and how this style led to the ‘look’ of Chicago’s very famous Picasso sculpture.

Then, create your very own sculpture to take home with you. Fun for the whole family!

The Commission will also have “Peace Love n Art” t-shirts available for sale. Proceeds support producing art for the community, events, and scholarship funds for students pursuing an art degree.

Photo credit: Chicago Picasso, by Pablo Picasso.

Art in the Yard

OLAC Mayor Bury with Artist
Mayor Sandra Bury with a local artist at Art in the Yard.

This summer, the Commission was thrilled to host the second annual Art in the Yard at Concerts on the Green.  Oak Lawnians had the opportunity to enjoy unique pieces of art by local artists before the concerts.

The concert goers also had the opportunity to participate in creating their own art by making a temporary drawing from sea shells or a community poem by cutting words from book pages and pasting them to a piece of paper where others previously posted their own poetry lines.

A special thank you to our Art in the Yard artists: Ashley Centanni, Erin Doyle, Tori Hartin, Rong Liang, Jeremy Mazurek, Michelle Melendez, Allyssa Micele, Samantha Mortensen, Joseph Pitts, Amanda Pletsch, Katie Roma, Linda Vorderer, Heather Young, and Erik Yunker.

Five Bronze Sculptures

ARTWORK: Five Bronze Sculptures
ARTIST: Abbott Pattison, sculptor
LOCATION: Oak Lawn Public Library, 9427 S. Raymond Ave., south exterior walls along 95th St.
BACK STORY: Made of welded bronze, these 8 ½ foot tall abstract sculptures of human figures were dedicated in a public ceremony on December 9, 1979. On that occasion, the artist, Abbott Pattison, stated: “I hope to portray the relationship of reading and knowledge to the community and how that endeavor is again returned to the community. I have made the figures with a certain aura of mystery to show the enigmatic character of Man and how the mysteries of life can be unlocked by the Library.”
This new “Art in Oak Lawn” public awareness project is spearheaded by Linda Vorderer, art educator, and past chair of the Oak Lawn Arts Commission. With the support of the Arts Commission, Vorderer has created this personal challenge to reveal: Where is the Art in Oak Lawn?
“While I research and dig for information, I am hoping that I can catalogue a rich collection within our borders. I am confident, when the information is compiled and published, we can put to rest the notion that Oak Lawn is not a destination to view fine art, but instead, it IS a place to discover surprising treasures within our borders and within our public buildings,” said Vorderer.
You can contribute to this research by emailing Commissioner Vorderer at The Arts Commission is eager to showcase the public art in Oak Lawn. Let us know if you have information about the history and makers of our fine art treasures.
For this first article, special thanks go out to Kevin Korst, local history coordinator at the Oak Lawn Public Library, for his assistance, guidance and support.